Developing Your Pain Coping Toolbox

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Upcoming Pain Coping Classes

Sunday, November 19th, 10am-12m

Developing your Pain Coping Toolbox:  You already have what you need to in order to have a baby. REALLY. Birth doesn’t need to be a mystery, scary or traumatic. The body knows what it needs throughout the whole process and put simply: if you can breathe, poop and have a uterus, you can have a baby.

However, we can make it MUCH more enjoyable with a few coping tools. As creatures of habit, women behave how they always have for coping with pain and stress. In addition to learning birth best practices form an experienced doula, this workshop helps you explore your natural and well honed physical and emotional pain coping strategies and apply them to birth.

  • Natural methods of coping with physical and emotional stress
  • Movement
  • Positions for birth
  • Doula Best Practices
  • Birth Teams
  • Birth Plans
  • Coping with detours